Do Take Basics Fuirst Spice Blends on Vacation… August 13, 2013

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…don’t eat out every night.

Do you know that Basics Fuirst Spice Blends were created to go on vacation?  For many years, I struggled to decide which spices to bring to our rented beach house.  I didn’t intend to cook every night but didn’t want to eat out or take in everyday either.  Then it came to me – I don’t really need individual spices – but a few good blends.   These blends, like Asian BBQ Rub and Tandoori Seasoning, became my go-to meals.  Kind of like the favorite shorts or beach cover up that you reach for every day even though your brought a selection to wear.

A few good spice blends, travel sizes of olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar and quality salt and pepper, teamed with fresh vegetables and protein are all you truly need to make a great meal.  Email me before you leave for the shore, mountains or lake and I’ll put together a Basics to Go Pantry for you.

Happy Travels.


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  1. ann blanchfield says:

    I used Sue’s tandoori spices down the shore this week at my parent’s house! My Dad has a low tolerance for spice but loved it! Thanks Sue. Ann B

  2. Sue Fuirst says:

    a low tolerance for…kids, spice, sun, politics, …

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