Pulled Pork with Basics Fuirst Asian BBQ Rub (look, pictures!) July 26, 2013

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Steak on the Prairie July 10, 2013

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This past weekend I ate the most delicious steak of my life.  It was a standard strip steak, but what made it so delicious was the fact that it was locally-sourced, grass-fed beef.  My particular steak came from the No Name Ranch in Oklahoma. Yes, I was in Oklahoma and no, I don’t know steer’s name.  But it further enforced that local is better.

Make an effort this week to shop the farmer’s markets, eat local and, if you have time, visit someplace new and try what they’ve homegrown.

No Name Strip Steak

1 12-oz locally-raised strip steak

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper


Combine all above.  Cook until medium rare.  Serves 2.

Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Gazpacho July 2, 2013

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This Gazpacho recipe is based on one that my mother makes.  (She’s so excited to be mentioned – I can feel it.)  It’s delicious, refreshing, simple to make and less than 60 calories a serving.  What’s not to like?


1 clove garlic, coarsely chopped

1 medium  sweet onion, coarsely chopped

1 red pepper, coarsely chopped

1 cucumber,  seeded and chopped

Two pounds peeled and seeded ripe tomatoes or one 28-oz can whole peeled tomatoes

1 tsp Basics Fuirst Chili Seasoning


Puree all ingredients in a blender or food processor.  Chil.  Garnish. Serves 6.

Garnish Options:






Jalepeno pepper